Our Product Quality

The Kotányi quality management system ensures optimal processing from raw material to the finished product. Clearly defined responsibilities and systematic documentation of production processes are key factors to our success.

1. Our Raw Materials

Quality starts by selecting the best suppliers. Carefully selected spices and fine raw materials from around the world are at the heart of Kotányi’s product range. Our stringent selection and evaluation process ensures that we only work with the very best suppliers. We rely on regional suppliers and sustainability.
We perform regular on-site inspections of our suppliers and their working practises, visit the regions where the spices are grown and work with our partners towards continuous improvement.
When the product finally arrives at Kotányi, it is subject to strict quality controls.

2. Quality Controls

Our experienced experts use technology and their own highly-trained senses to check the quality of incoming raw materials down to the smallest detail.

Every shipment of raw materials that we receive is put through comprehensive inspections in our internal control laboratory. We check the materials against chemical, physical and microbiological parameters.
In addition, the products are regularly tested by experts of the Food Inspection Agency and an externally accredited partner laboratory.

3. Processing

We use gentle processing methods to guarantee that the valuable ingredients that go into our products retain their full, wholesome character. Numerous tests are performed during the production process to ensure that the strict legal requirements are met at each stage.

4. Packing

Our packaging technologies ensure that every product is in the ideal packaging. It is essential that each of our products be reliably protected for its entire shelf life against external influences so that the valuable ingredients are kept at their absolute best.

5. Continuous Quality Assurance – Second Nature for Kotányi

As a producer of food and beverages, we are subject to the provisions of the Austrian Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act (LMSVG).
We have set up a comprehensive quality assurance concept within our company that not only includes numerous checks of our raw materials when received, but also on-going quality checks during the manufacturing process and inspections of the final products. We have integrated a self-monitoring system into this concept according to the principles of the HACCP system.


  • since May 2003, the Kotányi quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified
  • since March 2005, we have had higher level IFS version 6 certification
  • EC organic certification for all Kotányi organic products


Storage and Shelf Life of Spices and Mixtures

Generally, spices should be stored in a dry location, at room temperature and protected from light.
Spices easily take on moisture due to their hygroscopic nature. Therefore, relative humidities over 60 per cent should be avoided. The lower the ambient temperature in the room where the spices are stored, the better. Storage below 0°C (32°F) should, however, be avoided.