Let's go Veggy!

Kotányi Lets Go Veggy BriefpackungenKotányi Lets Go Veggy Hero Decoration

Liven up vegetarian dishes

For meat-free dishes that still bring the flavor. Kotányi Veggy salt-free seasoning mixes add irresistible flavors to any dish.

Veggy blogger event

Recipes from our favorite food bloggers

We invited the country’s top food bloggers to our kitchen to create new dishes using Kotányi Veggy seasoning mixes. Deliciously diverse flavors for your kitchen!

Veggy Classic mix

This kale creation truly has it all: Simple and tasty, it makes the perfect addition to all kinds of vegetarian dishes. Excellent for vegetable and potato dishes.

Veggy Classic Kartoffelpuffer TeaserKotányi Veggy Classic in der Briefpackung
Veggy Exotic Tofuspiesse TeaserKotányi Veggy Exotic in der Briefpackung

Add the Veggy Exotic seasoning mix

Discover the exotic side of vegetarian dishes. A delicate balance of turmeric, mango and Ceylon cinnamon helps to shake up your vegetarian dishes. Ideal for curries, couscous and quinoa.

Veggy Hot + Spicy

Super hot, super spicy and super tasty. Choose the Hot + Spicy mix to add an explosion of flavor to your vegetarian dishes. With hemp protein to really bring the flavor. Perfect for a range of dishes, including burritos, chili sin carne and soups!

Veggy Hot Spicy Hummus TeaserKotányi Veggy Hotspicy in der Briefpackung
Veggy Sweet Palatschinken TeaserKotányi Veggy Sweet in der Briefpackung

Veggy Sweet

A sweet treat for vegetarian dishes! The Sweet mix from Kotányi Veggy will transform any sweet dish into an irresistible treat. Makes a great topping for yogurt and pudding or a delicious addition to porridge, desserts and baked goods.