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Christmas with Kotányi

Seasonally Spiced

This year, we have again prepared a unique Christmas menu for you to enjoy. It’s characterized by a variety of flavors that are sure to delight you and your loved ones. It’s best to try them out immediately! We wish you a delicious Advent-time.

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A Delicate Soup

Start your Christmas menu with a soup that does the cold season justice and warms your guests up from the inside. We recommend a hearty celery and chestnut soup accompanied by festive anise pastries.

Intermezzo Perfection

The more courses, the longer the enjoyment: Set accents with an exciting intermezzo! Buckwheat dumplings with pointed cabbage and curry, for example, are perfect for this. If you increase the portion sizes, you can even make this dish into a vegetarian main course.

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Salmon Fillet: Star of the Show

This year, we’re focusing on fish: as a main course, we’re serving a tender salmon fillet with exceptional lime and herb butter on oven-roasted vegetables. Rosemary, thyme, dill, garlic and chili create a big “Mmmhm”-Moment. We promise!

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A Flaming Dessert

Some serve dessert after presents, some before – it is guaranteed to taste delicious whenever you chose to enjoy it: This year we recommend that you serve an excellent semolina flambé with “tea from the oven”, a spiced winter fruit sauce.

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