The New World Dawns

János dreams of bringing a taste of his homeland to the whole world.

During a time when everything is changing, János Kotányi seizes an opportunity: He wants to share the flavors of Austro-Hungarian cuisine through his ground paprika and his recipes. His paprika soon makes its way from Szeged to Vienna and even becomes a hot topic at the Imperial Court.

An illustration by János Kotányi

János Kotányi quote

"Your idea doesn't have to be big — it just has to change the world."

János Kotányi


Inspiration for Generations

Alongside his spices, János publishes cookbooks in the hope that his recipes will inspire an even greater love of cooking. One example is his “Cookbook of Popular Hungarian National Dishes”.

In 1890, a new edition of his popular cookbook was published for the Millennium Exhibition in Budapest.

Two covers of János Kotányi's cookbooks and an excerpt of a recipe from them.

János Kotányi's Best Recipes

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Everything Changes

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Stuffed bell peppers with minced meat seasoned with marjoram and tomato sauce.