Shaping Tomorrow Together

Modernity Stems From Tradition

People, like their food choices, are becoming increasingly individual. Cooking is a way to get creative and spend time together. That’s why we are always creating new seasoning mixes for all tastes, and innovations like the spice mill. Sustainably grown herbs and spices also ensure a better future.

An assortment of modern Kotányi spice packaging.

Quote by Erwin Kotányi

"Food and cooking are constantly changing — that's why our products are always changing too."

Erwin Kotányi, General Manager

Inspiration in Green and Red

Kotányi influencers enjoying Kotányi dishes

We Are Always Looking for Something New

That’s why we also look to bloggers for inspiration. Through their recipes and blog articles, we discover completely new possibilities for cooking and seasoning. After all, there’s always something new to learn, even after 140 years.

Two Very Special Recipes

  • 140 Years
    Rosemary chicken with roasted vegetables next to the current rosemary packaging.

    Rosemary Chicken

    János' great-grandson shares his own favorite recipe: roast chicken à la provençale.

  • 140 Years
    Chickpea curry with naan beside sachets of black pepper and whole cloves.

    Chickpea Curry

    The spices in this curry from Gerd Wolfgang Sievers give this dish an especially aromatic flavor.

A table full of grilled dishes with bread and dips.

Enjoyment and Passion Since 1881

From paprika to refined seasoning mixes, our products have been adding flavor for 140 years. They are designed to inspire enjoyable moments and ignite a passion for cooking.


The New World Dawns

Begin the journey again
A plate full of goulash and a small bowl of spaetzle arranged on a dark wooden table.