Balanced and Bountiful

Inspiration for Healthy Indulgence

The 1980s sees a rise in food trends. In response, Kotányi offers inspirational new seasoning mixes and recipes for a healthy lifestyle. The family has been bringing a huge range of flavors to kitchens for 100 years. Erwin Kotányi is now at the helm, following on from his great-grandfather, János.

Kotányi spice packaging from the 1980s.


Recipes by Ewald Plachutta for Kotányi.

Balanced Delicacy From a Star Chef

Cooking is becoming increasingly international and diverse. Thanks to Kotányi products, Asian, Mexican or Indian dishes taste just as good as they did on holiday. In his recipes for Kotányi, Ewald Plachutta presents balanced dishes from Viennese cuisine with hints of international influences.


“Was tät’ i ohne Kotányi”

“What would I do without Kotányi?” - slogan of the 80s, 90s and 00s

Ewald Plachutta's Kotányi Recipes

Advertising With A Pinch of Spice

The 1990s are characterized by colorful fashion, dynamism and joie de vivre. This is reflected in Kotányi's commercials.


Shaping Tomorrow Together

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Chickpea curry with naan beside sachets of black pepper and whole cloves.