Travel to Far-Off Lands Through Spices

Wanderlust entices people to foreign lands. But for many, long-distance travel is an impossible dream. So instead, spices from far-off places bring a taste of India, Jamaica or Zanzibar to their kitchen. Our sachets also feature colorful illustrations of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Kotányi spice sachets from 1961.


"Many of our spices are grown in the most beautiful parts of the world. This gives them a huge appeal."

Friedrich Kotányi, former General Manager

Advertising Becomes Colorful

Kotányi spice sachets featuring recipes from the 70s.

Delicious Recipes for All

Kotányi prints recipes on the back of spice packets so that as many people as possible can try TV chef Franz Ruhm’s delicious dishes. We are republishing a selection of particularly popular recipes, unchanged from their first publication.

The Best Kotányi Recipes from the 1970s


Balanced and Bountiful

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Fish and shellfish in paprika broth, beside which are sachets for bay leaves and pepper.