Everything Changes

A New Flavor Experience With Every Spice

The availability of foreign spices means new recipes are gaining popularity. Every exotic spice offers the possibility of countless dishes and flavors. Kotányi’s assortment of new herbs and spices inspire people to become passionate about trying new things, and cooking becomes more of an experience.

A sachet of Kotányi Saffron from the 1970s.

Advertising from the 1950s

Franz Ruhm quote

"I am the icing on the cake — the seasoning, the good advice that makes food delicious."

Chef Franz Ruhm about the art of seasoning
Television chef Franz Ruhm and a picture of a copy of his Kotányi cookbook.

The Original Influencer

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, popular TV chef Franz Ruhm is showing Austria a new way of cooking. He creates a number of mouthwatering recipes for traditional dishes for a Kotányi cookbook.

Franz Ruhm's Best Kotányi Recipes

The Joy of the New

In 1950, Kotányi's very first commercial is aired: "This goulash deserves to be called 'sir'."


Life in Color

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Ginger biscuits on a cake plate and a pastel-color coffee set.